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Celebrate Christmas with ingenuity and Give Good to the environment!

While delivering the perfect cups of coffee to customers, sustainability has always been close to our heart. This Christmas, Starbucks launches sustainability program “Reimagine . Reuse” to encourage reusing and upcycling beverage and food packaging to give them another life while reducing waste.

Refer to the tips to reuse packaging for a unique Christmas:

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Starbucks Planting Kit

Get the newly launched Starbucks Planting Kit at HK$128 upon any purchase of Starbucks Pudding Cup. Use the kit together with the pudding cup for planting your own greens anytime anywhere!

*Proceeds after deducting costs will be donated to Rooftop Republic EcoHero Academy, a non-profit programme including the promotion of upcycling and waste reduction.
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Transform Starbucks Hot Cups into Functional Cardholders

Materials needed:

  • Used Starbucks hot cup
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Paper
  • Paint brush
  • Cutter & Scissors
  • Eyelet
  • Rubber band
  • Stamp

  1. Rinse the used paper cup and trim away the opening.
  2. Cut away the cup base.
  3. Cut the cylindrical cup along the connecting part and remove the thicker part.
  4. Flatten the cup.
  5. Draw a rectangle about the size of a business card and semi-circles (short edges) and semi-oval circles (long edges) on a paper. All sides of the rectangle should be overlapped when folding.
  6. Transfer the drawing onto the paper cup and cut along it.
  7. Fold the paper cup into the shape of card holder.
  8. Punch a hole in the middle, place the eyelet part and flannel decoration, then fix the eyelet with an eye letting machine.
  9. Thread through a rubber band and decorate the cardholder with stamps.
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Connect Starbucks Hot Cups to recreate Artistic Lampshades

Materials needed:

  • Used Starbucks hot cup
  • Poster paint or acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cutter
  • Tape
  • Christmas lights

  1. Fill the used hot cups with your own colors
  2. Cut a small hole at the bottom of the cups.
  3. Insert Christmas light through the bottom of the cup and secure with tape.
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Dress up Starbucks Pudding Cups as Christmas Bell Ornaments

Materials needed:

  • Starbucks pudding cup
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Big bead
  • Round bell
  • Gift ribbon
  • Poster paint or acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • Pin

  1. Punch a small hole at the bottom of the pudding cup with a pin.
  2. Paint the pudding cup in gold or silver and add glitter when the paint is still wet.
  3. Attach a bell to a pipe cleaner, insert the free end of the pipe cleaner through the hole on the pudding cup, then string a bead through the pipe cleaner, fasten the cleaner just above the bead.
  4. Tie a ribbon into a bow above the bead for added festive cheer.

Encourage Sustainability

Apart from reusing packaging, Starbucks encourages a sustainable living with various initiatives:

  • 99% ethically sourced coffee
    Set up Farmer Support Centres, establish Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices & sell
    Fair Trade Certified coffee
  • Coffee grounds recycling
    - Encourage customers to collect free coffee grounds at stores
    - Donate coffee grounds to environmental organizations as fertilizers
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  • Utilization of recycled materials
    - Use rPET for all cold cups, Greek style yogurt cups, chia seed cups and fruit juice bottles
    - Use recycled materials for most of cup sleeves, paper bags and napkins
    - Use Bagasse, a biodegradable fiber for the base of salad boxes
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  • Sustainable Seafood
    Introduce sustainable seafood in our menu and proactively initiate more products by sourcing
    sustainable seafood in the future
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  • $4 Discount for bringing your own reusable tumblers and mugs for each beverage purchase