Let us pamper you with an enjoyable and warm afternoon tea with our best selection of delightful treats.

French Toast_160x160
French Toast

A simple yet delicious eggy French Toast topped with butter and pure honey (or maple syrup). It goes perfectly well with a hot cup of coffee or tea.
Smores Chocolate Lava Cake
S’mores Chocolate Lava Cake *

We transform the traditional S’mores into a more intricate and elegant form. Making the cake base with slightly salty and crispy digestive biscuits, we top our already fabulous and scrumptious chocolate lava cake with perfectly toasted marshmallow. This combination is as decadent and irresistible as you think it is!
Banana Walnut Bread with Maple Syrup-Cream_160x160
Banana Walnut Bread with Maple Syrup & Cream *

Served with 100% pure maple syrup and fresh whipped cream, this delightfully moist walnut banana bread is topped with crispy honey crunch and almond flakes. Simple, hearty and rich in flavor. It is definitely the perfect treat to share with your loved ones.

* Only available in selected stores. Click here for stores details.