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Soak up the last bit of Summer with our offerings - fueling you up on the go mentally and physically in any time of the day!

Chicken Egg and Ham Sandwich
Chicken, Egg and Ham Sandwich

Chicken marinated in red pepper sauce, Egg patty, Ham, Tomato Slice, Spinach, Guacamole, Mozzarella Cheese and Mayonnaise on our hearty malted bread. We have this all-in-one sandwich to suit your taste.
Chicken and Bacon Tomato Bread Sandwich
Chicken and Bacon Tomato Bread Sandwich

The healthy tomato bread is filled with chicken breast, bacon, caramelized onion, tomato, romaine lettuce and mozzarella cheese, accompany with herby pesto sauce. Surprise you in every bite.
Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich(half)
Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich (Half)

Honey mustard chicken breast, tomato, romaine lettuce, mozzarella and mayonnaise assembled in our whole wheat bread.
Chia Seed Mango Oat Milk parfait
Vegan Chia Seed & Mango Oat Milk Parfait

Layer of chia seed and 100% vegan oat milk are draped in a sweet mango puree to create a perfectly balanced sweet-to-tart ratio, and the texture is addictive. Perfect for those of you who are going to eat this parfait as a breakfast or dessert.
Mushroom Broccoli Frittata Maize Ciabatta
Mushroom & Broccoli Frittata Maize Ciabatta
Combining a wide array of vegetable ingredients including mushroom, broccoli, spinach and red pepper sauce, this frittata ciabatta is perfect to anyone looking for a healthy yet satisfying meal to complement his coffee.
Egg White Feta and Spinach Wrap
Egg White, Cheddar and Spinach Wrap
We bring together egg whites, spinach, red peppers, cheddar cheese inside a tortilla wrap. Vegetarian and protein-rich, this wrap is a tasty start to any morning.
Chicken Caesar Wrap
Chicken Caesar Wrap
The simple yet classic Chicken Caesar Wrap combines tender chicken, juicy tomatoes, lettuce and signature Caesar dressing to create a seriously delicious wrap!
Sustainable Tuna Scramble Egg Wrap
Sustainable Tuna & Scramble Egg Wrap
Our sustainable tuna wrap brings onion, celery, mayonnaise, fluffy scramble egg, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce and red bell pepper all filled in our soft tortilla wrap. Don't miss it!