Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay

Lee Gardens Coffee House

Shop Nos. 305 and 306, Lee Gardens One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay

The Starbucks Experience brought by every Starbucks store begins with the story of our coffee – the passion, quality and care of our coffee, which remains as the heart of each of our stores. This store is layered with natural elements, handcrafted details and coffee heritage, to create that special, cozy “Third Place” for our precious customers. To elevate the coffee experience provided here, we combined the premium Starbucks Reserve™ coffee and “Pour-over” brewing method for the first time, allowing our customers to enjoy the rare, exquisite and professionally crafted Starbucks Reserve™ coffee at the “Pour-over corner”.

By infusing elements about coffee growing regions and coffee-themed decorations, design of the store will enable an elevated appreciation and education of coffee while our customers enjoy our classic beverages or premium, pour-over Reserve™ coffee. The Starbucks design team used a natural, garden-inspired tone and furnishing to create a “Third Place” that is a perfect combination of modernity and natural elements. In addition, this store also provides a diversified Concept Store food offering including hot food items, salad and soup which will fully satisfy the appetite of our coffee lovers.