Enjoy A Festive Gathering Of Flavors

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Enjoy our holiday season with a series of sweet and enjoyable flavors with our best selection of delightful treats.

Cherry Tomato and Fresh Spinach Quiche

Topped with juicy tomatoes and fresh spinach, the Cherry Tomato & Fresh Spinach Quiche is a warm and hearty choice for an afternoon pick-me-up.
Turkey and Chicken Cranberry Maize Sandwich

Starbucks is shaking up happiness with an early launch of the Turkey and Chicken Cranberry Maize Sandwich. Our festive treat puts turkey in the spotlight, serving turkey ham, sliced chicken, spinach and cheese inside a sandwich garnished with a piquant, sweet-and-sour cranberry sauce. This satisfying and wholesome sandwich is truly one that warms the heart.
Red Velvet & Chocolate Chips Muffin

Topped with chocolate chips, the Christmas special Red Velvet and Chocolate Chips Muffin with a bright red color makes you love it. A bite of this fluffy muffin will take you on an enchanting journey.
Hazelnut Claw

The Hazelnut Claw is a golden-brown crispy shortbread, meticulously made with a rich hazelnut paste, adorned with crispy hazelnut pieces and sliced almonds – an irresistible treat for all hazelnut lovers.
Cranberry Apple Yogurt Cup

Our Christmas creation, mixed with a wide assortment of muesli, cranberries and apples accompanying with rich and smooth yogurt to exude the fruity aroma.
Cranberry Almond Scone

Topped with dried cranberry, the Christmas special Cranberry and Almond Scone is mixed with Cranberry and Almond will shine through the buttery scone – giving this rich baked-good a refreshing kick.
Christmas Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

The soft and airy Christmas Earl Grey Chiffon Cake is an aromatic and succulent tea-flavored cake, accentuated with whipped cream, dried raspberries and chocolate pearls. This dreamy, pillowy chiffon sweet treat is your best companion for any celebration.
Apple Crumble Pie

The perfectly cooked apples with buttery pastry and crispy crumble creates a hard-to-resist treat.
Thai Style New Crab Cake Salad

The season of new beginnings brings an innovative new dish to our ever-evolving food menu. For the very first time, Starbucks presents a plant-based seafood offering with the Thai Style New Crab Cake Salad. The dish pairs the OmniSeafood crab cake with mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomato and fresh pomelo pulp. A light drizzling of fragrant Thai salad dressing on top gives the dish a perfect finishing touch, making it a well-balanced and delicious meal choice for all.
Thai Style Pork Wrap

Wrapped in Spinach tortilla wrap, pork & Rice Wrap is a satisfactory combination of minced pork, lettuce and rice. A quick and filling option for those on-the-go.