CNY pastry sets

Special edition STARBUCKS® Assorted Pastries Gift Set, with four delicious pastries in one pack – Matcha Chocolate Cookie , Espresso Nutty Cookie , Caramel Coffee Almond Finger and Salted Caramel Egg Roll, you can be assured everyone will find something to like. Savor a piece of delectable Starbucks pastry, complemented with a sip of aromatic coffee or tea, for a relaxing moment with your loved ones.

From 4 January 2021, available at Hong Kong and Macau Starbucks stores (excluding stores at Asia World Expo, Hong Kong Disneyland and Pacific Place Shop 106).

Starbucks Matcha Chocolate Cookie (NEW)
Made with Starbucks® green tea powder and Starbucks signature chocolate chips, the deliciously crunchy cookie lightly permeated with the rich tea flavor that is perfect for chocolate and tea lovers!
Starbucks Espresso Nutty Cookie
The unique Starbucks Espresso Roast and crunchy hazelnut crisps are the perfect combination for making cookie. The buttery cookie lightly permeated with the rich and bold coffee flavor that will surely become a favorite treat of coffee lover!
Starbucks Caramel Coffee Almond Finger
By perfectly blending signature Starbucks coffee, caramel sauce, premium butter and almonds, the pastry is baked to layers of dark golden crisps. This flaky delicacy, rich and bold coffee flavor with a caramel sweetness, is irresistibly delicious.
Starbucks Salted Caramel Egg Roll
Enjoy the classic with a unique twist. Buttery eggroll is infused with Starbucks caramel sauce and sea salt, the distinctive caramelly-sweet flavor makes this egg roll a unique piece.

During 4 January – 18 February, Starbucks Rewards™ members could enjoy 10% off on each purchase of Starbucks® Assorted Pastries Gift Set with registered Starbucks Cards.