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This Mid-Autumn Festival, Starbucks Hong Kong takes inspirations from customers' favorite Starbucks beverages to create three indulgent mooncake flavors. Enjoy with aromatic tea or rich coffee for a joyous festive celebration with your family and friends under the moon!

Available at Hong Kong and Macau Starbucks stores (Excluding stores at the Hong Kong International Airport, Asia-World Expo, Hong Kong Disneyland and Ngong Ping).
Caramel LavaOneHalf
Caramel Lava & Coffee Mooncake
Rich and delicate caramel lava exuding from the soft coffee mooncake skin and coffee filling, perfectly blended with Starbucks™ coffee to create a taste sensation harmonized with your favorite cup of coffee.
Matcha Red Bean_OneHalf
Uji Matcha Red Bean Mooncake
Infused with Uji Matcha from Kyoto, Japan on mooncake skin, the comforting floral scent blended well with sweet red beans, creating an unparalleled tasting experience.
Vanilla Custard_OneHafl
Vanilla Custard Mooncake
Enjoy the classic with a unique twist. Inspired by Starbucks® Vanilla Latte, the traditional custard filling matched perfectly with the sweet vanilla seed to create an unforgettable tasting experience.