Encourage Sustainability

At Starbucks, we understand that people, community and the environment are all connected by a cup of coffee. While producing the highest quality coffee, we are also committed to conserving the environment and encouraging a sustainable living with various initiatives:

  • 99% ethically sourced coffee
    Set up Farmer Support Centres, establish Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices & sell
    Fair Trade Certified coffee
  • Coffee grounds recycling
    - Encourage customers to collect free coffee grounds at stores
    - Donate coffee grounds to environmental organizations as fertilizers
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  • Utilization of recycled materials
    - Use rPET for all cold cups, Greek style yogurt cups, chia seed cups and fruit juice bottles
    - Use recycled materials for most of cup sleeves, paper bags and napkins
    - Use Bagasse, a biodegradable fiber for the base of salad boxes
Sustainable Tuna Scramble Egg Wrap_200
  • Sustainable Seafood
    Introduce sustainable seafood in our menu and proactively initiate more products by sourcing
    sustainable seafood in the future
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  • $4 Discount for bringing your own reusable tumblers and mugs for each beverage purchase