Pure Matcha Journey


Pure Matcha Latte

This aromatic drink is made with premium, unsweetened, finely microground pure matcha sourced from Japan, blended with velvety steamed milk for a creamy and calming balance of flavors. Customers can adjust the sweetness of their latte to their own liking, crafting their own personalized tea experience to ‘matcha’ their own tastes.

*Available in Hot & Iced.

Pure Matcha & Espresso Fusion

The Pure Matcha & Espresso Fusion delicately fuses the iconic Pure Matcha Latte with rich espresso shots to accentuate the creaminess of pure matcha with a touch of boldness, creating a mellow ombré effect that beautifully demonstrates the perfect combination of two distinctive flavors. May the elegant aesthetics and taste of this soothing matcha drink bring you inner balance and harmony.

*Available in Hot & Iced.